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General Manager Roger Bailey


Message from Roger Bailey, General Manager

Our Commitment to You: Continuous Improvement, Exceptional Service

Here at Central San, we know you rely on us to provide a basic service that is critical not only to your quality of life, but also to the protection of public health and our environment. The wastewater business is very complex, highly regulated, and capital-intensive. It is the type of business which requires not only a skilled workforce, but also a long-term strategic approach.

To meet our current and future challenges, our staff is continuously working to improve our business practices. As part of that ongoing effort, we are developing a solid business template to help us maintain the high level of service you deserve. We believe, from a strategic standpoint, a successful utility should periodically conduct a Cost of Service Study and Staffing Needs Assessment, and update its Infrastructure Master Plan, Strategic Business Plan, and Asset Management Program.

• Cost of Service Study: The purpose of this study is to analyze the costs we incur in providing services to our customers. It makes sure that the revenues recovered are appropriately assessed and cover all financial obligations; that our customers are being fairly charged based on the services they receive; and that the revenues we recover from residential, multifamily, commercial and industrial customers are consistent with Proposition 218 requirements. It is important that we maintain an optimal operation, but we must also make sure that we recover the revenues necessary to provide the services our customers deserve and expect.

• Staffing Needs Assessment: The purpose of this recently completed assessment is to make sure the District’s staffing levels are optimal based on the level of service our customers expect, the size and complexity of the system, and our constant focus on remaining efficient and effective in running the business. We engaged the services of a consulting firm to conduct an in-depth study of what we do and how we do it, and then determine whether our staffing level and organizational structure is appropriate. Their conclusion is that we are staffed at the right level, but that some minor adjustments to the organizational structure will enhance our effectiveness and long-term efficiencies. We are currently implementing those recommended adjustments.

• Strategic Business Plan: This is a two-year strategic plan that establishes policy direction for the District. It identifies six goals with key performance indicators that provide a roadmap for achieving increased effectiveness and efficiencies throughout the operations. It will enable us to continue our high level of service, be an industry leader in providing value to customers, and will have a positive impact throughout our service area for many years to come. You can view the plan on our website, www.centralsan.org, by going to the About Us tab and choosing Strategic Plan.

• Infrastructure Master Plan: We are in the process of creating a comprehensive master plan for our collection system and treatment plant, both of which have complex and aging infrastructures that require ongoing capital investments. To accomplish our mission, those systems must perform optimally every day in a very highly regulated environment. Our master plan will help us to identify and implement the most cost-efficient methods for operating and maintaining our systems, maintaining compliance with all applicable regulations, and protecting public health and the environment. 

Our goal with these and other initiatives is to provide you with the highest quality services in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible, while adhering to best business practices, maintaining full regulatory compliance, and being good stewards of our environment.

We have a lot of challenges and opportunities ahead of us. By planning for the future, making good financial decisions, implementing new technologies and processes, and maintaining a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, we will remain a world-class organization that provides our customers with exceptional service and value – now and well into the future.