Foundational Thinking


Foundational Thinking
Our Core Guiding Principles

Central San designs all classroom education and outreach programs using our Core Guiding Principles as our foundation.

We use our collective contributions to our local wastewater system as powerful tools for student learning. We all contribute to this system. We should all learn about this system, together. The hope is that by doing that, we can all appreciate the fundamental role this system plays in our daily lives and how we can all work to protect it. 

In every classroom, regardless of age, and regardless of science content, we have one singular enduring understanding we want each and every student to walk away with: The stuff we put in our water (and down our drains) DOES NOT disappear.

Everything we teach—from how the wastewater system in our homes work, to how Central San maintains our complex system of pipes underground, to how we treat the volumes of wastewater we receive each day, to the steps we take to ensure that our water is clean and safe to return to the environment—all have this central understanding at their core. And all of our organizational and institutional outreach efforts seek, at their core, to have people consider this fundamental truth when taking action to flush (or not flush) something down the drain.