Kelvin’s Chemistry Lab
Explorations with 5th Grade



Our dirty water goes down the drain.  

Guiding Question:

What happens to our dirty water after it goes down the drain?

Lesson Description

Everybody uses a sink, shower, and toilet. Not everybody thinks about what happens to all the “stuff” we pour down it. Kelvin’s Chemistry Lab helps teach students all about what happens to their dirty water after it goes down the drain.

The Kelvin’s Chemistry Lab pilot is a 1 to 1.5 hour classroom lesson, including hands-on materials and science notebooks designed especially for upper elementary students. Together, we will explore several different chemistry stations in order to examine what happens to the wastes we pour down the drain. The program will leave everyone with a deeper understanding of how we all contribute to our collective wastewater system.


Aligned with 5th Grade NGSS standards. Appropriate for 4th-12th grade.

5th Grade Structure and Properties of Matter

5th Grade Earth and Human Activity

What Students Will Do:

Armed with a science notebook and their curiosity, students will rotate around several different chemistry lab stations. These stations include a magnetic stirring station, a weight station, a DIY microscope station, and a water level station (other stations are forthcoming).

Each station is designed to help students uncover the principles of conservation of matter: that matter does not disappear, it simply moves through a system. 

What Students Will Figure Out:

  • That matter is still present, even if it cannot be seen
  • That multiple sources of evidence exist to demonstrate that matter does not disappear

Want to learn more?

Please contact Ben Lavender at 925-335-7723 or to bring this exciting pilot program to your classroom!