Modern Toilets
Todays Thrones


Modern-day toilets vary in their shape, size, structure, and functionality. Lucky for us, they’ve been adapted to meet all types of personal preferences and situations—even those reaching outer space! Read the list below to learn what types of toilets you could run into during your lifetime.


High efficiency dual flush 

When the flush lever is pulled, a plug in the tank lifts, allowing water to flow into the bowl via gravity. 

This is the average household toilet.  




Wall hung toilet 

The tank remains hidden in the wall cavity and functions as a normal toilet. 






Composting Toilet 

A composting toilet doesn’t use water  and instead incorporates the natural processes of decomposition and evaporation to dispel 90% of human waste.  










Portable Toilet 

These tiny toilets are made for camping or temporary spaces where all waste is stored in a holding space. Chemicals can be used to minimize the smells as a byproduct of the waste.  





Pull Chain Toilet 

The original design of this toilet is old-fashioned with the tank high above the bowl but functions the same as a household toilet you would see regularly.  









Smart Toilet 

Some toilets have high tech features, adjustable options and settings to amplify your experience on the toilet. A variety of models will play music during your bathroom experience.  






This toilet is built to project water and clean a person’s butt. It has adjustable water features to customize that experience.  






Astronaut Toilet

While in outer space, astronauts are still people who need to use a toilet. Without the force of gravity, scientists invented a toilet where astronauts strap themselves onto the seat. Technology forms a suction to pull all waste in a down into what NASA calls “people patties.”