Template Page
Insert Scientific Name


Information about the Microorganism that causes the disease

-This is where images, short videos, and basic information about the microorganism go


Information about the Disease and Public Health implications

-This is where we put images of the disease and symptoms, how it affects humans, testing procedures, medicines, public health campaigns, it’s impact on communities, etc.


Information about the connection to Wastewater

-This is where wastewater systems role in preventing this disease come in. This could include treatment designs and/or lab tests we run.

-This is also where we put information on the connection between the lack of wastewater systems and the proliferation of the disease (either current and/or historic).


Assets We Want to Find:

Clear images of the micro organism

Short videos of how they move and feed

Images and/or short videos of how the microorganism (and the disease) affect humans

Historical (or current) assets of public health campaigns to prevent or treat the disease

Models or diagrams of how the disease travels through systems without wastewater treatment and how treatment plants eliminate the micro organisms