Contractual Assessment Districts (CADs) and Alhambra Valley Assessment Districts (AVADs)


A CAD is a financing arrangement that allows a group of neighborhood property owners to share the cost of planning, design, and construction to extend a new sewer to serve their parcels. 

AVADs are located upstream of the Alhambra Valley Trunk Sewer and are generally similar to CADs.

Participation in a CAD or AVAD is voluntary and participating property owners have the option to repay their share of the costs through annual assessments on their property tax bills.

Who can participate? 

A group of owners of at least 3 residential parcels

What can be financed? 

Design and construction of a new neighborhood sewer or sewer main extension


  • Costs financed over 10 years (for CADs) or 15 years (AVADs)
  • CAD participants receive a portion of CAD fees collected from subsequent connections made within 20 years  

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