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Are you a Pipe Protector? Pipes carry our dirty water (from washing our hands, flushing the toilet, or taking a shower) to the Treatment Plant, where it can be cleaned. Pipe Protectors pledge to keep our pipes free of clogs.

Do you pledge to only flush pee, poop and toilet paper?

If so, provide your name and address below. We’ll send you a free prize! 


Pipe Protectors
Bring Pipe Protectors to Your Classroom

Water is the most precious resource on our planet, and Central San’s mission is to protect it. Because today’s kids will become tomorrow’s change-makers, we offer classroom education programs that teach kids the importance of environmental stewardship. 

Pipe Protectors is our newly developed K-2nd grade education program. Please take a look at our program brochure. If you are interested in bringing Pipe Protectors to your school, please call 925-979-5053 or email edprograms@centralsan.org