Permits/Connection Information

The Permit Counter public facing hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.

Getting wastewater from your home to Central San’s treatment plant is what we’ve done for more than 75 years. Whether you want to connect to the sewer system or see a need for a repair, Central San is there.


Permit Counter Operations

Central San’s Permit Counter Staff want to thank the public for their patience during the past two years of COVID. It is a hopeful sign that we are beginning to return to normal operations again. Please review the following information regarding virtual services, plan review drop off/pick-up and appointment scheduling prior to visiting the permit counter. 

Virtual Services

The following will continue to be served virtually by emailing


Sewer Repairs
Sanitary Sewer Repairs - Information for Property Owners

“Who is responsible for sanitary sewer repairs?”

Central San maintains all public sewer mains within our 145 square mile service area within Central Contra Costa County. This includes over 1500 miles of pipelines, which are generally 8-inch inside diameter or greater, and located within public streets or easements dedicated for Central San’s use.


New Connections

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, developer, or contractor who wants to hook up to the sewer system, Central San’s permit counter can help you with the process.

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An Applicant’s Guide to Procedures for Side Sewers Permit Process – New Connections


The construction of a new building normally requires a connection to the Central San sewer system.  Central San has developed procedures to approve the connection, collect applicable fees, and inspect the construction of any sewer facilities.


Connection Fees

Sewer connection fees are handled by Central San’s Permit Counter. While the basic fee for a residence to connect to sewer is approximately $9,700, there are many stipulations and situations that can significantly affect this figure.  For an estimated fee quote for your connection fees, please contact the Central San Permit Counter at (925) 229-7371 or by email at Please include your address in your request.

For more information, please read our Overview of Central San Connection Fees fact sheet