Contractor Requirements


Contractor Registration Requirements

Contractors, please see these licensing and insurance requirements before applying for a permit with Central San. Having all your documents in order and up-to-date will maximize efficiency and reduce your wait time. A sewer permit is required prior to starting any exterior sewer work, including trenching and excavating for sewer. 

To be listed as a registered contractor with Central San, a contractor must be licensed, have proper insurance and utilize required OSHA permits as described below:

Contractor License Requirements

All contractors doing sewer work within the District shall be properly licensed in accordance with the provisions of Division 3, Chapter 9, Business and Professions Code, of the State of California, as amended.  Contractors shall present evidence of licensing, including license number.

All contractors doing sewer/recycled water work within the Central San service area shall be registered with Central San and shall be properly and actively licensed with the state of California Contractors License Law and the California Contractors State License Board rules and regulations. Contractors shall present evidence of licensing to Central San upon registration as required by District Code §5.12.030.

Acceptable license classifications for permit issuance are dependent upon the scope of work.

Acceptable license classifications for work on public sewer/ recycled water mains are:

  • A – General Engineering Contractor;
  • C-34 – Pipeline; and
  • C-42 – Sanitation Systems.

Acceptable license classifications for work on private services are:

  • A – General Engineering Contractor;
  • C-34 – Pipeline;
  • C-42 – Sanitation Systems;
  • B* – General Building Contractor;
  • C-36* – Plumbing Contractor; and
  • C-47* – General Manufactured Housing Contractor.

* The sewer/recycled water work which contractors with B, C-36, or C-47 licenses may perform is restricted to private services from public mains to buildings, excluding connections to the public main.

A “B”—General Building Contractor shall only be issued a sewer work permit related to a larger project that requires at least two unrelated building trades or crafts other than framing or carpentry, or unless the general building contractor holds the appropriate license classification or subcontracts with an appropriately licensed specialty contractor to perform the work, unless he or she also holds one of the required specialty licenses.

A “C-47″—General Manufactured Housing Contractor shall only be issued a sewer work permit to provide sewer service on a single-family individual site placement of a manufactured home.  

Required Insurance

All contractors must obtain and maintain:

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance as required by California law, and,
  • General Liability Insurance with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000. 

The District may investigate the contractor’s insurance coverage at any time. Failure of the contractor to obtain and maintain the insurance as noted above may cause the denial and/or revocation of contractor’s permit, by the District.

Cal-OSHA Permit

All contractors working in excavation 5 ft. or deeper must obtain a permit from the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health. A copy of the permit shall be provided to Central San.

OSHA permits may be obtained from the Cal-OSHA office by calling (510) 602-6517.