Board of Directors


Board of Directors

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Central San is governed by a five-member Board of Directors, each elected to a four-year term.                  

Mariah N. Lauritzen, President| Term 2020-2024

Michael R. McGill, President Pro Tem | Term 2022-2026

Barbara D. Hockett, Member| Term 2020-2024

Tad J. Pilecki, Member | Term 2020-2024

Florence T. Wedington, Member| Term 2023-2024

The Board of Directors holds regular Board meetings twice monthly, every first and third Thursday at 2:30 p.m., in the Meeting Room located at 5019 Imhoff Place in Martinez, unless otherwise noted on the meeting agenda. Special and continued meetings are held as needed.

Central San transitioned from an at-large election system to a by-division election system in 2020 under the California Voting Rights Act. In December 2021, the Board adopted updated election division boundaries based on the latest population data from the 2020 Census. To see which division you live in, visit the interactive map to determine the Division you reside in. See the “Elections” section below to learn more.

To contact any Central San Board Member, please call or email Secretary of the District Katie Young at (925) 229-7303 or


Board Members are elected for four-year terms.  Elections are held on the first Tuesday in November of even-numbered years and are consolidated with Contra Costa County.  Terms are staggered, with either two or three seats elected during alternating election cycles.

In November 2020, Central San began the transition from an at-large election system to a division-based election system.  Under the at-large election system, all five Board Members represented all constituents in the District.  With division-based elections, the District has been divided into five separate election areas – called “divisions” – and voters residing in each area will select one representative to serve on the Board. This new election system commenced with the 2022 election.

The three Board Members elected in 2020 will continue to serve at large for four-year terms.  The two Board Members elected in 2022 will be the first to represent their respective division as part of the by-district election system, with the remaining Board Members continuing to serve at large.  In 2024, the three Board Members who are elected will each represent the division in which they reside, thus completing Central San’s transition to by-district election.

Visit our Elections page for more information.


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