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The Green Business Program recognizes businesses that comply with all environmental regulations and take action to conserve resources and prevent pollution.

Currently the Green Business Program has certified a number of businesses in Contra Costa County. To sign up to be a Green Business or to find Green Businesses in your area, go to:


Stormwater Program

Central San works with the Contra Costa Clean Water Program (CWP) to perform storm water inspections in the ten incorporated cities of central Contra Costa County. The cities have authorized Environmental Compliance staff to conduct inspections of commercial/industrial businesses and to enforce storm water management ordinances to prevent storm water pollution. Central San inspectors combine these inspections with the sanitary sewer compliance inspections whenever possible to reduce the number of inspection visits required for a business.


Dental Amalgam Program – Local Dentist Helping to Reduce Mercury Pollution

Thanks to the cooperation of the dental community of central Contra Costa County, we’ve achieved a remarkable 75% decrease in the amount of mercury being discharged into Suisun Bay since the Dental Amalgam Program began!

Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known. For decades, Central San has been employing an assortment of techniques to reduce mercury pollution of our local water environment—and continues to do so. One of our most successful mercury-reduction efforts has been our partnership with local dentists.


School Mercury Minimization Program

Mercury is a highly toxic metal that causes water pollution problems at very low concentrations. One of the many ways we’re working to keep mercury out of the environment is by helping schools in our service area to identify and reduce mercury sources in their chemistry labs and facility operations.

In addition to on-site meetings with school administrators, chemistry teachers, and facility maintenance staff during which we share tips on how they can reduce mercury in their school, we offer: