Water and Wastewater Plant Operator Training


Water and Wastewater Plant Operator Training

Our program is offered in the Bay Area through a Community College and includes a scholarship for every student who maintains a grade of C in each course. The scholarship covers tuition and books for those seeking a career in the Clean Water industry. Our program includes a Plant Operator Certificate after completing the required 28 units.

Jobs are diverse and growing in numbers

  • Water Treatment Operator — performs water treatment functions, such as operating or controlling an entire process or system of machines to transfer or treat water. Tasks could include adding chemicals to disinfect and deodorize water, operating and adjusting controls on equipment to purify or clarify water. 
  • Water Distribution Operator — operates water transmission and distribution systems (e.g., pumps and valves). Wastewater Treatment Operator — performs wastewater treatment functions; similar to water treatment, but focused on wastewater.
  • Wastewater Collections Operator — manages the wastewater collection system going to the plant.
  • Mechanic/Machinist — maintains mechanical equipment associated with the transmission, distribution, storage, and treatment of water or wastewater.
  • Electrician/Electrician Technician — keeps electrical equipment used in water and wastewater systems maintained by testing, repairing, installing, and trouble-shooting the equipment.
  • Electronic Maintenance Technician/Instrument Technician — keeps electronic, pneumatic, and control equipment maintained by testing, repairing, installing and troubleshooting the equipment.

In addition to these positions, a new position is emerging: a Recycled Water Program Coordinator. This new position reflects the interest in water conservation and protecting the environment. It’s also a reminder that the water and wastewater industry may offer new opportunities in the future that we have not yet identified — and those already in the industry will be in the best position to take advantage of these new opportunities.

If you are interested, please see our website at: www.bacwwe.org or email us at: bacwwe@solano.edu

We are interested in you and your future….