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Today’s gardeners, homeowners, and pet-lovers are looking for ways to manage pest problems with little or no use of toxic materials. Many are relying on a strategy called Integrated Pest Management or IPM.

IPM allows us to look at and deal with pest problems in a new way that can ultimately lead to longer lasting suppression of pests while using fewer harmful chemicals. This is accomplished without sacrificing comfort in the home or beauty and productivity in the garden.

A major part of an IPM program is determining the number of pests that can be tolerated without causing unacceptable damage or annoyance. Pests are treated only when they reach that level. Then, many different treatment methods are mixed and matched (integrated) to produce the best results.

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Pesticides are potentially harmful to your family, pets, and garden ecosystem, and those chemicals have been found to contribute to toxicity in our water environment. Central San is asking for your help in reducing the risks of water pollution associated with pesticide use in our community. Residential areas of our community have been identified as major contributors of pesticide pollution in both local creeks and wastewater.