Permit Information


Sewer Repair or Replacement

A detailed plan submittal is usually not necessary when applying for a permit for a sewer repair or sewer replacement unless requested by Central San.  

Upon payment of all fees, a sewer permit may be issued to the party contracted to do the underground construction.

After obtaining a permit, call our inspection hotline at (925) 229-7373 at least 1 business day prior to beginning sewer construction to schedule an inspection.


Sewage Pumping

For most properties, the private side sewer can be located so that sewage from the property will enter the public sewer by gravity. In some instances, however, the residence is lower than the elevation of the public sewer. When this situation exists, it is necessary for the property owner to install and maintain a residential sewage pump to lift the sewage from the residence up to the public sewer. Decisions to permit individual residential pump stations are made on a case-by-case basis by Central San.


Septic System Conversions
Converting From An Individual Private Septic System To Central San Public Sewer Service

Central San is an independent special district that collects and treats wastewater for ten cities and many unincorporated areas in central Contra Costa County.  Our mission is to protect public health and the environment.  One way to accomplish this mission is to assist property owners who choose to or need to convert from individual private septic systems to the Central San public sewer service.  The following are questions about this subject frequently asked of Central San staff.  For additional information about Central San requirements and procedures,