Maintenance & Repair


Central San’s Collection System Operations Division (CSO) ensures that over 1,500 miles of underground pipeline (sewers) are able to collect and transport wastewater to the treatment plant effectively. They do this in the following ways.

Maintenance Scheduling System

Central San’s Maintenance Scheduling System is a planned schedule for cleaning of sewer lines that are highly susceptible to root intrusion, grease, and various debris. The frequency of cleaning these sewers is determined by their cleaning history with the goal of preventing sewage overflows.



Numerous crews clean and maintain over 1,500 miles of sewer main lines on a daily basis in a variety of ways. Power rodders remove roots and other obstructions using a machine that spins various cleaning tools through lines; highly pressurized water trucks clean grit and grease accumulation from sewer mains; and a high volume vacuum removes grit and debris from sewer lines. The homeowner is responsible for maintaining the side sewer.

Closed Circuit Television/Locating

When a problem area in a main line is identified, a video camera with a locating device attached to it is pulled through the line. Necessary repairs to underground sewers are then pinpointed at the street level through live, remote television monitors.


Construction crews are able to make repairs in the streets and easements using heavy equipment and hand tools.