Notice of Public Hearing on September 2, 2021
To receive comments on a Mitigated Negative Declaration for a Solar Array Project



The Board of Directors of the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (Central San), at its regular meeting at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 2, 2021 at the District Office, 5019 Imhoff Place, Martinez, California, will hold a public hearing to receive comments on the Mitigated Negative Declaration and the proposed Central San Solar Array Project. Following the public hearing, the Board will consider approval of the Mitigated Negative Declaration and the project.

The proposed solar panel array would be located at 4451 Blum Road in unincorporated Martinez and accessed from the northern end of Blum Road via extension of an existing private driveway. The proposed solar panel array would be encircled by a service road and perimeter fence. The existing surface area to be covered by the proposed ground-mounted solar panel modules is approximately 2.5 acres. Combined, solar panel modules together with the service road and driveway, the area covered is approximately 4.0 acres of the 8.2 acres. The remainder (4.2 acres) is generally retention basins or aisle space between rows of panels, with only minor area being used for other electrical equipment. The project will connect to PG&E on Blum Road.

To obtain a copy of the proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration with the Initial Study, go For more information, contact Central San’s Environmental Coordinator Russell Leavitt, at (925) 768-3430 or

Katie Young, Secretary of the District