Overflow Protection Device
Protect YOUR Property from Sewage Overflow with an Overflow Protection Device


Wherever a sewer system exists, so does the potential for overflows.
Most sewage overflows occur when sewer lines are blocked by roots, grease, debris, or breakage. Raw sewage can then backup into your home or business, resulting in property damage and environmental problems.

When you see or experience a sewage backup, report it to Central San at (925) 933-0990.
Our crew will respond within minutes, locate the blockage and determine if it is the public sewer. If it is, the crew will remove the blockage and end the sewage overflow.

YOU — as a property owner — are responsible for your plumbing!
If the Central San crew determines that the problem is in the side sewer connecting your plumbing to the public sewer, it is YOUR responsibility, and Central San cannot remove the blockage or make repairs. You or a licensed plumber will need to make the necessary repairs.

Do YOU have an Overflow Protection Device?
To prevent sewage from backing up into your home or business, install an Overflow Protection Device! This device (see graphic) can prevent sewage from entering your home or business and reroute the spill to outside your building. If you don’t have one, it is in your best interest to install this device now.

The device must be installed according to District specifications.
Central San recommends that a licensed plumber install the device since elevation and location are critical to its proper operation. Once installed, keep the device accessible and free from obstructions (e.g., vegetation and dirt).

Where can you buy an Overflow Protection Device?
The device is available at plumbing supply stores. For additional information, call Central San’s Permit Counter at (925) 229-7371.

View our Overflow Protection Device Video

Overflow Protection Device