Public Notice
Notice of Significant Noncompliance for 2019


Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the federal regulations contained in 40 CFR 403.8.f(2)(vii), Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (Central San) is required to publish the names of all Industrial Users (IU) of Central San’s public sewer system that were determined to be in significant noncompliance (SNC) with applicable pretreatment standards or other pretreatment requirements during the 2019 calendar year. Federal regulations establish objective criteria for Central San to use to determine if an IU is in SNC.

Discharge Quality Violations

No IUs were found to have discharged process wastewater in violation of Central San’s Local Discharge Limits in a manner that met the definition of SNC.

Reporting Violations

The following IU was found to be in violation of the reporting requirements of Central San’s Environmental Compliance Program in a manner that met the definition of SNC.

INDUSTRIAL USER – San Ramon Regional Medical Center, 6001 Norris Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA

NATURE OF VIOLATION - Periodic Compliance Reports (PCR) submitted after the due dates. One report was submitted more than 45 days late which meets the SNC criteria. 

FOLLOW-UP ACTION TAKEN - Central San issued Notices of Violation (NOV) for each violation. The IU submitted the late PCRs. Central San will evaluate the compliance status of this IU’s report submittals to determine if a pattern of non-compliance is developing.