Septic to Sewer (S2S)


Central San’s Septic to Sewer (S2S) program is available to residential property owners with septic systems who have an existing sewer main adjacent to their parcel and are interested in connecting to the public sewer. 

The program provides low-interest financing for the construction costs and Central San fees associated with connecting to the public sewer and properly abandoning the septic tank. The charges are paid back over 15 years with payments collected on the annual property tax bill.

Who can participate? 

Residential property owners adjacent to an existing sewer 

What can be financed? 

Up to $65,000 in costs associated with conversion from a private septic system to the public sewer, including:

  • Central San permitting, inspection, and Capacity Fees
  • Permitting and construction costs of septic tank removal 
  • Construction of a new side sewer 
  • Any CAD, AVAD, or Mainline Reimbursement fees 


  • 15 years 
  • No penalty for early pay-off

To learn more about the program, please complete the form on our Permit Contacts page, or email us at