Special Discharge Permit
Including Pool, Spa or Fountain Discharge Permits


Central San issues Special Discharge Permits to businesses that have a temporary, non-standard wastewater discharge to the sewer system. In many cases, this permit authorizes the discharge at a specific location. Examples are: groundwater remediation discharge, dewatering operations at a construction site and pool, spa or fountain discharges. Special Discharge Permits may require the use of a pretreatment system and/or the sampling and analysis of the wastewater.

Special Discharge Permits

Special Discharge Permit Application Package (revised 8/17/23)
Flow Summary Report Form
SDP Operation & Maintenance Log
Closure Certification
Periodic Compliance Report (PCR) form

Pool, Spa or Fountain Discharge Permits

To obtain a Pool, Spa or Fountain Discharge Permit: Click Here 
Call (925) 229-7288 or email sourcecontrol@centralsan.org.

How to Obtain a Pool, Spa or Fountain Discharge Permit
Properly Draining Pools, Spas and Fountains