Summary of Ordinance No. 311
Establishing the "Standard Specifications for Design and Construction, 2020 Edition" as the District's Standard Specifications, effective August 1, 2020


Ordinance No. 311 (Uncodified) of the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (“CCCSD” or “District”) establishes the document entitled:  CCCSD Standard Specifications for Design and Construction, 2020 Edition as the District’s Standard Specifications in accordance with District Code Section 9.08.010.  The Standard Specifications include general and specific policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, conditions and requirements for design and construction of public and private sanitary sewer facilities within the District’s boundaries, and also include the District’s Standard Drawings.  A copy of the updated standard specifications document is available under “Related Links” on this page.  

NOTE:  The above is a summary of major highlights of the ordinance.  A reading of the entire ordinance may be necessary to obtain a full understanding.  A copy of the full ordinance may be obtained from the Secretary of the District’s Office by emailing

Adopted:  July 16, 2020

/s/ Katie Young

Secretary of the District, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District

County of Contra Costa, State of California