Summary of Ordinance No. 312
Establishing Reimbursement Fees re North Jackson Way CAD 2016-2 in Alamo


Ordinance No. 312 (Uncodified) establishes Reimbursement Fees of $16,753 for the 14th participant connector to Job 6603 (North Jackson Way CAD 2016-1) in Alamo, in accordance with District Code Chapter 6.20 “Reimbursement Fees” and the District’s Contractual Assessment District Program.   The reimbursement fees set forth by this ordinance shall be administered, adjusted, and collected according to the provisions of said Chapter and Program.

NOTE:  The above is a summary of major highlights of the ordinance.  A reading of the entire ordinance may be necessary to obtain a full understanding of the fees.  A link to the full text of the ordinance is posted on this page.

Ordinance No. 312 was adopted by the Board on September 3, 2020.