Summary of Ordinance No. 319
Amending the District Code Section 2.04.030, Compensation of Board Members


Ordinance No. 319 amends the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Code, Section 2.04.030-A to increase Board Member compensation from $185 per meeting to $200 per meeting, as permitted by Health and Safety Code Section 6489 and Water Code Section 20202. The ordinance will take effect on May 17, 2022.

NOTE:  The above is a summary of major highlights of the ordinance. A reading of the entire ordinance may be necessary to obtain a full understanding of all of the changes. A certified copy of the full text of the ordinance may be read in the Secretary of the District’s Office at 5019 Imhoff Place, Martinez and/or a copy may be obtained from the office.

Adopted:  March 17, 2022

AYES:  Members:  Hockett, Lauritzen, McGill, Pilecki

NOES:  Member Williams