Summary of Revision to Exhibit A of Ordinance No. 309
Adopting Revised Schedule of Capacity Fees


Pursuant to Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Code Section 6.12.020, Ordinance No. 309 (uncodified) set capacity fees, rates, and charges.  Exhibit A to the Ordinance is the Schedule of Capacity Fees, Rates, and Charges.  At a noticed public hearing on March 18, 2021, the Board of Directors amended Exhibit A to reflect the creation of a new Non-Residential Capacity Fee Installment Payment Program which replaces the existing Capacity Use Charge Program.  The revised schedule is effective April 2, 2018.

NOTE:  The above is a summary of major highlights of the revised Exhibit A to Ordinance 309.  A reading of the entire ordinance may be necessary to obtain a full understanding of all the changes.  A certified copy of the full text of the ordinance is posted and available for public inspection at the District Office, 5019 Imhoff Place, Martinez, California, or by emailing the Secretary of the District at

Adopted March 18, 2021, by unanimous roll call vote of the Board.

Tad Pilecki, President of the Board of Directors