Supplier Information & Vendor Registration


Information about Purchasing and Materials Services guidelines and requirements.

Insurance Requirements

In instances where vendors, contractors and consultants, or their representatives, will be working on District-owned property, the District requires that a certificate of insurance, with coverage at the minimum limits required by the District, be on file with the District.  Separate endorsements, naming the District as Additional Insured, and including primary wording, are required for General Liability and Automobile Insurance.  In addition, Workers’ Compensation Insurance that meets the minimum State requirements must also be provided with a Waiver of Subrogation.

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District Safety Requirements for Treatment Plant and Pumping Station Projects

(Note: Parts 1 through 6 make up a single document. It has been broken down into six sections for ease of downloading. Please be sure to view it in its entirety.)

Part 1 - Table of Contents
Part 2 - Confined Space Entry Program
Part 3 - Lockout/Tagout Program and Hot Work Permit
Part 4 - Fall Protection Program and Hearing Conservation Program
Part 5 - Personal Protective Equipment Program
Part 6 - Treatment Plant Site Map

Vendor Registration

Central San uses, an online bidding service,  to post, distribute, and, in some cases, receive electronic responses to solicitations done by the Purchasing and Materials Services Division.

Purchasing and Materials

Central San is using Bidsync to post, distribute, and in some cases receive electronic responses to solicitations done by the Purchasing and Materials Services Division.  Bidsync is an online bidding service designed to automate and streamline the bidding process for suppliers and buyers. 

By registering with Bidsync you will be recognized as a supplier that is interested in doing business with Central San and you will be able to receive notification by email or fax of solicitations done by the Purchasing and Materials Services Division.  There is no charge to register, receive notice about or respond to District’s solicitations on the Bidsync system.  By registering with Bidsync you will also have access to bidding opportunities from other public sector agencies, if you choose.

To register, go to and you will be forwarded to the Bidsync website where you will be provided instructions on how to register as a prospective supplier.  When you register, it is very important to select all of the commodity codes for the products and/or services that your company sells to ensure that you receive all correspondence and business opportunities associated with your area(s) of interest.  It is the supplier’s responsibility to maintain updated information at all times.

If you experience any difficulties or need assistance, please contact Bidsync’s customer support line toll-free at 1-800-990-9339, or by email:

Construction Projects

For registration and bidding opportunities for Public Works Construction Projects managed by the CCCSD Engineering Department – Capital Projects Division, go to the Construction page.