Water & Light
A Virtual Hands-On Lesson


To schedule a virtual lesson, please contact Ben Lavender at blavender@centralsan.org or (925)-335-7723.


This lesson was crafted to help students better understand that the stuff we put in our water (and down our drains) does not disappear.

The goal of every Central San lesson is to help students think more critically about “what happens to our dirty water after it goes down the drain?

Students can do this lesson themselves at home with the help of a grown up.

Or a teacher can schedule a virtual lesson for their students with one of our educators. In that case, read our Materials Page so everyone can get ready for our lesson!


Want To See Our Scientists In Action?

Check out the photo gallery of our Scientists At Work

  • What kinds of tools do you notice them using? 
  • What do you think they are looking for?
  • What do you think they might find?


Want To Take A Tour Of Our Laboratory?

Tag along with John and Toot as they explore our laboratory and learn what it takes to clean millions of gallons of wastewater everyday!