Permitted Industrial User


Central San’s Environmental Compliance Section uses the Industrial User (IU) Permitting Program to oversee individual facilities or a group of businesses. This is to ensure that wastewater discharge quality remains within permitted limits. IU Permits require the keeping of specific operation and maintenance, development of spill response plans, filing of compliance certification reports, and monitoring of discharge quality. Central San uses the IU classification process to determine the proper oversight for a particular business activity. Some types of businesses are subject to Federal pretreatment standards and must be classified as a Significant Industrial User (e.g., plating operations, circuit-board manufacturing). Other types of business activities are eligible for permitting under the Special Discharge Permitting program (e.g., groundwater remediation projects).

In order to assist permitted businesses to understand and comply with the IU Permit requirements, the following information is available:

Guidelines for Discharging Industrial Wastewater

Guidelines for Discharging Industrial Wastewater

Industrial User Permit Forms

Here are the most commonly used permit forms for Industrial Users.

Industrial User Permit Application: Baseline Monitoring Report (BMR) Instruction Sheet
Industrial User Permit Application: Baseline Monitoring Report (BMR)
Periodic Compliance Report (PCR) form

Total Toxic Organics Certification Statement

General Information

Pretreatment and compliance guidelines, as well as details on fees and enforcement.

Central San Local Discharge Limits
Central San List of Total Toxic Organic Compounds
Approved Wastewater Methods and Holding Times
Compliance Sampling and Analysis
Criteria and Determination of Significant Non-Compliance
General Discharge Prohibitions
Guidelines for preparing a Slug Discharge Prevention & Contingency (SDPC) Plan
National Categorical Pretreatment Standards: Information for Industrial Users
Slug Discharge Prevention & Contingency (SDPC) Plan Recertification Statement
Summary of Enforcement
Environmental Compliance Fees: Ordinance 302 (link to Rates & Fees page)


Small Brewery (<50 bbl) Class III Wastewater Discharge Permit

Brewery Best Management Practices
Brewery Periodic Compliance Report (PCR)

Mobile Washers

Mobile washers; please refer to the following documents for detailed information.

Mobile Washer Fact Sheet
Mobile Washer Periodic Compliance Report
Mobile Washer Permit Application
Central San List of Permitted Mobile Washers
Pollution Prevention Training Program for Surface Cleaners (BASMAA) (link to BASMAA website)

Vehicle Service (including Body Shops & Machine Shops)

Best Management Practices (BMP) Class III Permit

BMPs to prevent, manage, store and manage materials and waste at your place of business.

Best Management Practices Permit Application
Best Management Practices Permit Fact Sheet
Best Management Practices Permit Periodic Compliance Report


Small Winery (<10,000-gal) Class III Wastewater Discharge Permit

Winery Best Management Practices
Winery Operation and Maintenance Log
Winery Periodic Compliance Report (PCR)

 The Industrial User (IU) Academy

The IU Academy is conducted by Central San to help you understand your business’s industrial user wastewater discharge permit. It’s an opportunity to learn why the permit is important, how it’s enforced, and what you can do to achieve compliance.

What’s Covered?

  • Central San Overview
  • Federal Regulations, Local Limits & Ordinances
  • Pretreatment Program & Storm Water
  • Treatment Plant Tour
  • Classes of Permits, Processing & Fees
  • Permit Elements & Reporting Requirements
  • Pollution Prevention & Best Management Practices
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Types of Enforcement
  • Significant Non-Compliance
  • Local Discharge Limits
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Reading Lab Reports
  • Types of Pretreatment and Monitoring
  • Maintaining Pretreatment Systems

For more information, please call Senior Environmental Compliance Inspector Colleen Henry at (925) 229-7347.

2018 Industrial User Academy

Central San was pleased to offer the Industrial User Academy on Thursday, October 25, 2018.  The following presentations were Pre-Academy Study Sessions that were viewed prior to attending the Academy to enhance attendee’s knowledge and maximize our time on the day of the Academy:

Central San Overview
Regulatory Overview
Pollution Prevention and Best Management Practices
Pretreatment & Monitoring Systems
Permit Types & Processing
Environmental Compliance Permit Fees

Please stay tuned for future Industrial User Academies!