Wastewater Based Epidemiology in the News
Wastewater Has Never Been More Popular


Wastewater has an underappreciated role in monitoring community health and Wastewater Based Epidemiology is a field that is gaining a lot more attention recently.

Find several recent articles below on the role wastewater agencies are playing in monitoring community health, including our emerging understanding of wastewater and COVID-19. 

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The University of Arizona says it caught a dorm’s covid-19 outbreak before it started. Its secret weapon: Poop.

As 5,000 students prepared for move-in day at the University of Arizona, the school warned they would be tested periodically for the coronavirus. One test, though, doesn’t involve a nose swab. The university is regularly screening the sewage from each dorm, searching for traces of the virus.


There were no reports of coronavirus in Yosemite. Then they tested the park’s sewage

Like a lot of the rural West, Yosemite National Park stood as a safe haven from the coronavirus The fresh air and open space seemed immune. That’s until local health officials started looking for the coronavirus in the park’s raw sewage.


How Wastewater Could Help Track the Spread of the New Coronavirus

The virus that causes COVID-19 is unlikely to remain active in sewage, but its genetic material can still help researchers identify at-risk communities



Poop May Tell Us When The Coronavirus Lockdown Will End

Every day, millions of Americans could be flushing critical coronavirus data down the toilet.





How Sewage Could Reveal The True Scale Of Coronavirus Outbreak

Wastewater testing could also be used as an early-warning sign if the virus returns.



To Monitor The Health Of Cities’ Residents, Look No Further Than Their Sewers

Wastewater is a fount of information about the drugs and other compounds communities consume