Wastewater Based Epidemiology


Wastewater Based Epidemiology
Or As We Are Sometimes Called, Poop Sleuths

Wastewater Based Epidemiology

Wastewater Based Epidemiology is the study of water that comes down the drain in order to get a snapshot of the health of the community. It’s a field that’s gaining a lot more attention recently and it works for two very simple reasons: 

   1. In any given community: Some people get tested. Others go to the hospital. Everyone goes to the bathroom. 

   2. Our wastewater contains evidence about our personal health. Or in other words, everything comes down to poo.

Everything we consume, from the foods we eat, to the consumer products we use, to the pharmaceuticals we take, to the pathogens inside of us; all of them are shed into our wastewater. And everything that we shed leaves behind a marker of some kind.

From drug addiction rates to viral outbreaks, one of the most useful and honest tools communities have at their disposal is the information that comes down the drain.

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Why Do We Clean Our Dirty Water?

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How Do We Clean Our Dirty Water?

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What Does This Have To Do With The Covid-19 Pandemic?

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