Wastewater Based Epidemiology Presentation
Amanda Cauble, Associate Engineer at Central San


Wastewater Surveillance

With wastewater based epidemiology in the national headlines this year, we’ve seen a lot of community interest in this topic—including from our youngest students.

In November, Amanda Cauble shared some of the latest research on “Lunch with a Scientist,” a virtual event hosted by Headwaters Science Institute. The Institute strives to engage students’ natural curiosity and foster interest in science and in STEM careers.

Amanda does a wonderful job breaking down some very complex ideas into something that is easily understandable and engaging. We hope you enjoy the presentation!


Amanda’s Presentation

You can follow along with Amanda's Presentation as you watch the video. 

We have also identified time stamps in the video if you would like to highlight a particular section or if you just want to bounce around. See below:

Presentation Time Stamps

Amanda’s Introduction & Central San Overview
  • Time Stamp: 4:08-6:36. Slides: 1-4.
How Wastewater Moves From Your Home To Our Treatment Plant
  • Time Stamp: 6:37-8:04. Slide: 5.

Treatment Plant Overview

  • Time Stamp: 8:05-11:00. Slide: 6.

Planning and Applied Research Group Introduction

  • Time Stamp: 11:01-11:50. Slide: 7.

Covid-19 Research Task Force Introduction

  • Time Stamp: 11:51-13:06. Slide: 8.
SARS-CoV-2 Introduction
  • Time Stamp: 13:07-14:18. Slide: 10.
Can We Test For SARS-CoV-2 in Wastewater
  • Time Stamp: 14:19-16:14. Slide: 11.

Can You Get SARS-CoV-2 From Wastewater? 

  • Time Stamp: 16:15-16:51. Slide: 12.

Introduction to Wastewater Surveillance

  • Time Stamp: 16:52-20:19. Slides: 14-16.
Strengths & Limitations of Wastewater Surveillance as a Tool
  • Time Stamp: 20:20-24:25. Slide: 17.

Current Wastewater Surveillance Research Efforts 

  • Time Stamp: 24:26-30:53. Slides: 19-20.
Central San’s Case Study with Stanford
  • Time Stamp: 30:54-34:35. Slides: 21-22.
Wastewater Surveillance in Contra Costa County in Partnership with UC Berkeley
  • Time Stamp: 34:36-38:25. Slides: 23-25.

Takeaways & Next Steps

  • Time Stamp: 38:26-39:49. Slides: 26.

Additional Information and Resources 

  • Time Stamp: 39:50-40:45. Slide: 27.

 Questions from the Audience 

  • Time Stamp: 40:46.