Under the guidance of a General Manager, Central San is managed by a team of highly skilled, dedicated professionals of diverse backgrounds.

Central San Management Team

Roger S. Bailey, General Manager
Kenton L. Alm, Counsel for the District
Katie Young, Secretary of the District
Phil Leiber, Director of Finance and Administration
Emily Barnett, Communications and Governmental Relations Manager
Danea Gemmell, Planning and Development Services Division Manager
Charles Mallory, Information Technology Manager
Melody LaBella, Resource Recovery Program Manager
Edgar Lopez, Capital Projects Division Manager
Steve McDonald, Director of Operations
Neil Meyer, Plant Maintenance Division Manager
Kevin Mizuno, Finance Manager
Teji O’Malley, Human Resources and Organizational Development Manager
Lori Schectel, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Division Manager
Paul Seitz, Collection System Operations Division Manager
Alan Weer, Plant Operations Division Manager

Organization Charts

District Organizational Chart