Mystery Solutions Lab


Mystery Solutions Lab
What Is The Role Of Chemistry In Cleaning Our Dirty Water?

Phenomenon & Guiding Question

Our dirty water goes down the drain. What happens to our dirty water after it goes down the drain?

What Students Will Do

In this multi-day laboratory, students will explore the role of chemistry in analyzing our wastewater. Using a variety of simple chemical reagents, students will work collaboratively to identify the presence of different solids found in several clear samples of wastewater. 

This lab is based upon the daily work of our wastewater chemists. Their job is to collect and analyze samples of wastewater from across our system to determine if it is clean and safe to discharge.

What Students Will Figure Out

  • How chemistry tools are used to test our dirty water
  • What we can learn from a close analysis of our wastewater
  • The stuff we put in our water (and down our drains) does NOT disappear.

Grade Level

Designed for middle or high school physical science courses. Relevant for lots of different curriculum

Want To Learn More?

Please contact Ben Lavender at or (925) 335-7723 to bring this exciting program to your classroom!