Toilet Page
Past, Present, and Future

Ever wonder how our modern toilets came to be? Or what other types of toilets exist in the world? If so, let us fill in the blanks for you!

Toilets, while often overlooked, have revolutionized the way we live our lives. We all pee and poop on a daily basis, but thanks to this invention, we get to pretend our waste doesn’t exist! And live healthier, more comfortable lives because of it.

That being said, this wasn’t always the case. Truth is, it took centuries to design the high-tech appliances that reside in our bathrooms today. And still, there are millions of people around the globe without them.

Explore the pages below to see what types of toilets there are in other countries, toilets our ancestors used, as well as some quirky ones found around the world, so that the next time you flush, you can marvel at what truly is an incredible accomplishment of human engineering.