Toot the Toilet


Toot the Toilet
Explorations with Simple Physics

Phenomenon & Guiding Question

Our dirty water goes down the drain. What happens to our dirty water after it goes down the drain?

What Students Will Do

Students will explore the physics and engineering of a toilet drain. Using our classroom-ready toilets, students will attempt to “flush” any number of items in order to learn what happens after they go down the drain. The program will leave everyone with a deeper understanding of how a system they use everyday of their lives works. 

What Students Will Figure Out

  • That water is pushed through our toilet, not pulled, like it appears
  • That only some things should be flushed down the toilet. Specifically Pee, Poop, and Toilet Paper
  • That when we flush other stuff down the toilet, it can create big problems that are difficult to fix.

Grade Level

Designed for kindergarten students. Compelling enough for all grades!

Want To Learn More?

Please contact Ben Lavender at or (925) 335-7723 to bring this exciting program to your classroom!