Next Gen Sewer Science


Next Gen Sewer Science
Laboratories For Middle and High School Classrooms

Next Gen Sewer Science is a multi-day wastewater treatment lab based on the science and engineering involved in collecting, treating, and analyzing our wastewater. 

There are three different lesson series to choose from – each is built upon relevant NGSS earth science, biological science, and physical science curriculum. 

Central San provides the instructor and materials for running the labs – glassware and specialty equipment like microscopes are typically provided by the school. The program is free of charge to teachers in our sewer service area. 

The lessons were designed around a 3-day, 55-minute class period model. However, we can work with you to fit the program into your schedule as class timing and curriculum vary widely from school to school.

For more information, or to sign your class up, please contact Ben Lavender at (925) 335-7723 or

To see available dates, check out This Year’s School Calendar