Water and Light


Water and Light
Explorations with Dissolved Solids

Phenomenon & Guiding Question

Our dirty water goes down the drain. What happens to our dirty water after it goes down the drain?

What Students Will Do

Students will make their own dissolved salt solutions with simple supplies and easy to find containers. Using light and our science notebooks as a tools, students will think about what actually happens to all that stuff we put down the drain.

What Students Will Figure Out

  • That light is a tool we can use to illuminate dissolved substances
  • That the stuff we put down the drain doesn’t really “disappear” when we put it in water

Grade Level

Designed for1st grade students. Compelling enough for all grades!

Want To Learn More?

Please contact Ben Lavender at blavender@centralsan.org or (925) 335-7723 to bring this exciting program to your classroom!